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Chowxiaodou Original Rainbow Girls Silk Twill Square Scarf

Chowxiaodou Original Rainbow Girls Silk Twill Square Scarf

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Color Red, green, orange, yellow, blue, cyan, purple
Fabric 100%Mulberry silk
Dimensions 75cm x 75cm
Technology Environmentally friendly high-definition digital double-sided printing
Creative inspiration

The Six Beauty of Plants - Rainbow Girl series, with "rainbow" as the creative background, selects 7 different plants from nature for design, echoing the rainbow "red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple", each Each plant and each color represents a different character and quality.

Red represents the sincerity and enthusiasm of camellia.
Orange represents the cuteness and innocence of Gu Niang Guo.
Yellow represents the romance and freedom of tulips.
Green is the restraint and gentleness of lily of the valley.
Green is the uniqueness and purity of the sparrow flower.
Blue represents the vitality and bravery of Chaoyan.
Purple is the joy and tenacity of wisteria.
Washing method Dry cleaning is recommended for silk scarves. If you need to wash it yourself, please hand wash it in cold water with neutral detergent or special scarf detergent. Lay it flat to dry in a cool place. Avoid soaking for a long time and do not twist it hard.


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