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Shay Peter Pan Collar Embroidered Contrast Cutout Cardigan

Shay Peter Pan Collar Embroidered Contrast Cutout Cardigan

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Color Blue/Brown/Yellow
Detail The X-shaped waist shape fits the body shape and outlines a slender and curvy figure; the Peter Pan collar & color embroidery design softens the line of the neck, which is exquisite and sweet; the collar and cuffs are designed with wavy black edges, classic colors, and diffuse retro romantic tone; the full-width hollow weave of the cardigan enriches the design and exudes a sweet and flexible temperament; the wool fabric has excellent elasticity, and the texture is online, soft and comfortable
Composition 55% Polyester 20% Nylon 19% Acrylic 6% Wool
Washing Method

1. It is recommended to put light-colored clothes into the water separately to avoid cross-coloring.
2. It is recommended to wash the wool by hand, and the water temperature should be controlled within 30 degrees.
3. Use soap/washing powder and other alkaline solid detergents with strong cleaning power with caution, and do not bleach.
4. Wash the sweater inside out, iron it at low temperature, and lay it flat to dry. (Remember not to hang to dry to avoid deformation of clothes)
(Reminder: The material containing wool will inevitably have a slight pilling problem after wearing it.)


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