size guide

*Based on the diversity of styles, the sizes of the same size of different styles will be different. It is recommended to refer to the specific size chart. If you don’t know your own bust size, etc., it is recommended to refer to the size details of the clothes you are currently wearing for comparison.

Measurement method

Shoulder Width: First stand up straight, then take the measuring tape and naturally pull it from the end of the left shoulder to the end of the right shoulder (on the shoulder of the back)

Bust: measured from the BP point (breast point) around the shoulder blades
Waist: measured at the top of the hip bone along the natural waist line from outside the bra
Hip: measured at the widest part of the hip

Materials and craftsmanship of jewelry

Pearls: Due to their natural characteristics, each pearl we use differs in shape and lines (such as growth bands).

Gold plating color retention: The durability of gold plating depends on the production process, personal adaptability and daily maintenance.

How to clean and maintain silver jewelry: The higher the purity of silver jewelry, the easier it is to oxidize. You can wipe it gently with toothpaste.